Fans seriously cannot stop obsessing over Tana Mongeau. The blonde beauty, who is known for her YouTube videos and personality, has had her very own MTV show and even gotten married and then split from fellow YouTuber Jake Paul. The starlet has over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers and 5.7 million Instagram followers. So yeah, she’s got influence.

But like any influencer, the social media star has been in the midst of a bunch of scandals, nasty breakups, controversies and feuds over the years. The MTV alum has definitely had her fair share of drama throughout her career. From James Charles to Jeffree Star, there have been quite a few celebrities and fellow YouTubers with whom she’s had some beef.

One of the Las Vegas native’s most famous controversies was with her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. In July 2019, Tana was photographed at dinner with the Disney alum’s ex-boyfriend, Mod Sun. The incident prompted Bella to claim that Tana “broke girl code” by hanging out with her former flame. However, the beef ended up becoming public when Tana and Bella took their feud to social media.

“Imagine taking every time you’re mad at me to Twitter, but then telling people how much you care about me … WTF is this, B?” Tana initially wrote to the Shake It Up alum, who decided to reply in a public tweet rather than taking it to the DMs.

“You legit started dating me for Twitter. How about you answer your phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter,” Bella clapped back. “Dude, what are you doing, Bella? Like, I have no idea why you’re mad,” Tana quickly replied to the dig at the time. “I’ve been texting you every minute since you tweeted, and for you to be tweeting me something as hurtful as saying I date you for Twitter is literally f—king nuts and if you honestly think that, damn, I lost you.”

We went ahead and broke down what exactly went down in all of the Tana Turns 21 alum’s wildest feuds and boy, has it been intense. So, sit back, grab some popcorn and scroll through our gallery to uncover all of Tana’s celebrity feuds over the years.

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