Looking for a new singer to be totally obsessed with? Well, it's time to get familiar with Tash, whose smooth voice and chill beats make for your new fave songs. The Australian born singer/songwriter was actually discovered on Instagram by the multi-platinum producer and songwriter Mark J. Feist, where Tash has posted a ton of acoustic covers. She started playing the guitar and writing songs at an early age and she mostly creates the lyrics and melodies on her songs on her own.

You might already be a fun fan of her jam, "Lil Love Song", but now we have the exclusive premiere of her latest music video for her song, "Days Ain't Done." The beat is everything and the video itself is so cool, with Tash singing to her own reflection. Oh, and did we mention she even sees herself as an old woman?! It's kind of mind-blowing if we're being honest here! Check it out:

"Tash is one of the most amazing singer/songwriters I have ever come across and is the type of artist that only comes around once in a generation, the fact that she has so much to say and can then sing it with so much emotion and conviction makes her a real voice for her generation. The connection she makes with anyone who listens to her music is truly a unique experience," Mark said in a press release. We have a feeling Tash is going to be someone's name you won't soon forget.

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