She’s music’s breakout star! Tate McRae first stepped on the scene with her debut single “One Day” in 2017, and has been making music ever since.

Following overnight success of her single — which was first released on her YouTube channel — the songstress continued to drop various songs that she had written until signing with a music label in 2019. Months later, she released her debut EP, All the Things I Never Said, in January 2020. It wasn’t until April 2020 that Tate became a household name, however. When she dropped the single “You Broke Me First,” the musician automatically skyrocketed to stardom.

“As a high school girl myself, I can relate to everyone my age and if you think about it, people when they grow up, they still have those same feelings,” Tate told Atwood Magazine in January 2021. “I think it’s just making sure that you trust your intuition when you’re writing.”

Following the success of “You Broke Me First” — which became Tate’s first song on the Billboard Hot 100 — she released her second EP, Too Young to Be Sad, in March 2021. The Canada native opened up about the title of the EP while chatting with NYLON ahead of its release.

“I get so nervous releasing music. You just never know what’s going to happen or if it reacts well. You just never know. But I’m the worst at titling things. So I really wanted something memorable, but kind of disregarding the whole thing,” she explained. “Because I talk a lot about teenage heartbreak and just really miserable things, and then it’s like the title just completely throws it away. It’s like, ‘Yeah, but I’m too young to be sad, so who cares?’ It wraps it up in a way. Although I’ll feel every single one of these things so deeply, I also always have the mentality of like, it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.”

Just like most popular songs in the digital era, Tate’s music gained popularity on TikTok. And while she’s become known for her breakup anthems, the singer-songwriter isn’t keen on labeling her work.

“I feel like it’s hard to describe a style,” Tate told Dork magazine in September 2020. “I feel like for every artist, it’s hard to know like, ‘This is what I do exactly,’ because every artist wants to constantly be experimenting, especially if they are writing their own music. I would say that I’m pop alternative but like, super focused on the lyrics. No matter what. I don’t go into a session thinking: I wanna write a pop song. It’s like: I wanna write a new story today; I wanna bring that to life.”

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