From the looks of it, Charli D’Amelio is seriously terrified of snakes. Yep, in Tayler Holder‘s most recent vlog, the Queen of TikTok came face to face with her biggest fear and she even broke down in tears over it!

What exactly went down? Well, Tayler and fellow Hype House member Alex Warren invited Charli over and told her that there was a surprise. Naturally, the boys blindfolded the 16-year-old until it was time for the big reveal. Once she was led into the living room, Charli started to cry. Eventually, the blindfold was taken off and, well, her reaction was seriously priceless.

Charli D’Amelio Breaks Down In Tears After Coming Face To Face With Her Biggest Fear

But that’s not all! James Charles was there for the entire thing and pulled Charli into hug after she fell to the floor.

“You should NOT trust us,” Tayler told her while laughing.

After the prank, Charli took to Instagram and shared some photos from the incident, and from the looks of it, the influencer even might have gotten over her fear for a second or two to take some pics with the giant serpent!

“Remind me to never trust @alexwaarren and @taylerholder ever again,” Charli captioned the shots

As fans know, this scare came just after Charli set the record straight on her relationship with Addison Rae following the TikTok stars’ feud. Thankfully, there’s no bad blood between the two girls anymore!

“Once you’re friends, you just stay friends. Things happened in the past, no hard feelings from me what so ever,” the influencer told a photographer on Tuesday, June 16.

For those who missed it, the drama actually started all the way back in November 2019. At the time, Addison liked a bunch of comments on the video streaming app that seemingly slammed Charli. One of them read, “I mean [Charli] is pretty but the prettiest girl on TikTok? No, definitely not so who start the hype about her.” Another questioned why Charli was verified and Addison wasn’t. After Dixie D’Amelio seemingly called her out for like the comments, Addison took to Instagram and apologized.

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