Now that Reputation has dropped, Swifties have had time to learn all the lyrics and learn what was going on through the singer’s mind when she decided to take some time away from the limelight. A performance on Saturday Night Live pretty much sealed Taylor Swift’s return to the stage and spotlight, which she did so in the most Tay way possible – with a snake microphone.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious by now that the “Gorgeous” singer is taking that reputation she got after the infamous Kim Kardashian and Kanye West drama, and has totally embraced it during this era. Those teasers she released before the album’s announcement told the fandom just that, and she got to tell them again during her performance of “…Ready For It?” Fans pretty much erupted into complete and total chaos on social media, with everyone in disbelief that she actually did just that.

For those who were worried that the entire performance would be all about the Reputation era, the fans are also relived to know that Taylor brought part of her old self to the stage too. During her second performance, which was of the song “Call It What You Want,” the singer brought out a guitar and performed the thing whole thing acoustically. Though Tay did manage to sneak in some of her new persona by making sure a snake was also visible on the sweater she was wearing.

So maybe it’s safe to say that the old Taylor isn’t completely dead. Sure the “Shake It Off” singer has reinvented herself and embraced this whole snake persona, but that doesn’t she’s discarded the person she once was. This second performance proves that we’ll keep seeing glimpses of her every so often – just maybe not as much as we’d like, and that’s not a bad thing.

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