For the most part, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have kept their long-term romance out of the public eye, but on rare occasions, they give fans a glimpse into their relationship.

The duo started dating in May 2017, and while they’re notoriously private about the ins and outs of their life together, some details have been released over the years. In fact, a source close to the songstress told Us Weekly in March 2018 that Taylor and Joe have wedding bells in their future.

“She wants to get engaged to him,” the insider said at the time. “She just doesn’t feel as though she has to impress anyone at this point.”

While the couple have yet to announce an engagement publicly, a separate source told Entertainment Tonight in January 2021 that Taylor and Joe are “in it for the long haul.”

“Taylor has gotten more and more comfortable being public with Joe and letting fans in on their romance in a way that she feels is still protecting it,” the insider shared. “She loves Joe so much and, of course, is not trying to hide their relationship, but she prefers to keep specific details private.”

When it comes to keeping things just between them, Joe has no issue keeping the public’s attention off his private life. “I really prefer to talk about work,” The Favourite star assured fans while talking with British Vogue in September 2018.

“I don’t think anyone you meet on the streets would just spill their guts out to you, therefore why should I?” he explained during an interview with Mr. Porter in January 2019. “And then that is defined as being ‘strangely private’. Fine. But I don’t think it is. I think it’s normal.”

As their relationship has gotten stronger, Taylor has started speaking more about her boyfriend in a public capacity. He even made a minor cameo in her January 2020 Netflix documentary Miss Americana. At one point in the film, Joe could be seen hugging the Lover songstress backstage after her concert. Although it was pretty obvious whom it was, the actor wore a black hat in an attempt to make himself less noticeable. During the movie, Taylor also noted that Joe has “a really wonderfully normal, balanced, grounded life.”

She added, “We decided together that we wanted our relationship to be private.”

Despite their low-key love, Taylor and Joe have spoken about each other in the rare interview. Scroll through our gallery to read their sweetest quotes!

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