When Taylor Swift dropped her song “Gorgeous,” ahead of her album Reputation‘s release, it sparked some major speculation, all thanks to the most adorable song intro ever. The song starts off with a baby’s voice saying, well, “gorgeous.” So naturally, fans were all – who is that?! There have been some theories on who the baby voice belongs to and once the album has arrived, we got our answer. 

In the magazine Taylor created along with her album sold exclusively at Target stores, she features handwritten lyrics for all the songs and at the top of the page where the “Gorgeous” lyrics are she writes “tiny baby James Reynolds, little cherubic mischievous scene stealer from heaven” as credited for singing the first “Gorgeous” in the song. So yes, it is her friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ oldest daughter who is the one starting off the track. According to fans who were at Taylor’s Secret Sessions where she previewed the album for them before its release, she told the story of how James came to be featured on the song.

PRECIOUS. And while James is still too young to fully understand how epic is it to be featured on a song by T. Swift, it’s clear she’s such a total little star already. Her parents are well-known actors after all, a superhero and Serena van der Woodsen are who she calls mom and dad so obviously, she has to be a natural in front of a crowd, which she proved when she stole the show at Ryan’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling.

james reynolds
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And her famous parents are super impressed with her vocal abilities too. When Blake and Ryan were in attendance at Taylor’s recent show in Foxborough, Mass as part of her Reputation Stadium Tour, they adorable freaked out hearing their daughter’s voice play in the massive stadium. Blake whipped out her phone to record the moment and she and Ryan, along with pal Gigi Hadid, flipped out with excitement over James’ adorable voice.

Cutest parents ever.  

Take a look back at all the little ones who were originally speculated as to be the baby voice in the song before we found out the truth below!

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