Taylor Swift's new music is coming out and WE. ARE. LIVING. FOR. THIS. Since her last album 1989, which was released back in 2014, the singer-songwriter has changed a ton (as, you know, people tend to do over the course of three years). It seems like Swifty is ready to trash her angelic act, like a slithery snake shedding its outer skin.

Earlier this week, Taylor officially announced that she's dropping a new album on November 10, 2017 titled Reputation. The album artwork is edgier than anything we've seen from the pop star before. Taylor's smolder, wet hair, ripped shirt, and chain choker clue us into her new aesthetic for sure. The songstress also released a lyric video for her first single off the album on YouTube, which introduced her fans to her new vibe.

This all comes after TSwift went ahead and deleted everything on all her social media pages, and then posted a bunch of creepy snake videos. So yeah, the music mogul is definitely committing to this new persona. Taylor also turned off comments on her Instagram, so basically she DGAF what you have to say about her and her ~reputation~. Now, the songstress just released the music video for her first single, "Look What You Made Me Do," at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, and it's everything we've ever wanted and more.

She starts off the video as a zombie wearing a blue "Out of the Woods" dress no-less, clawing out of her grave. Yes, a literal grave.

taylor swift zombie

She paid homage to all of her "personas" over the years, from "Shake It Off" ballerina to her Red Tour circus-themed style — and literally killed them off. They are dead and gone.

old taylor swift

Literally took everything anyone has ever said about her and turned it into a true masterpiece. She summed of years in the industry in one video.

taylor swift video personas

Who would've thought we would ever see this many Taylors at one time? Definitely not us.

old taylor swift personas

taylor swift crying

Literally, the dawn of a new era. I just love everything about this music video. Really, everything. I don't really know why there's a dramatic car crash, and TBH I don't really care. I love everything about this video that screams destruction, chaos, mayhem, obliteration. Like hello, every version of Taylor we've ever met before, nice to see you one last time since you're all gone for good now. And shout-out to the comeback of those "I ❤️ TS" shirts, this time in crop-top style. TOO MUCH GIRL.

Just a couple of questions here, though. One, where do I buy Taylor's metallic nail polish, those snake rings, and that golden throne? Two, will I look as intense and vicious as Swifty if I bite into a diamond necklace too? And three, how do I join her entourage? I already own a ton of black clothing…

Out with "good girl" Taylor, in with the Snake Queen — because she SLAYS. No really, HOW IS THIS THE SAME HUMAN BEING??

Oh, Taylor. You really are the greatest nightmare dressed like a daydream.

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