It’s only been a week, and the world still isn’t over Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” Seriously, fans are still freaking out and obsessing over the track, and now they have something new to go crazy over as the singer dropped her second new single from her highly anticipated new album Reputation. The track is called, "…Ready for It?" and it's showcasing a totally new side to Tay.

Aside from everyone being totally shook cause the release was a total surprise, fans are rightfully so wondering who this song could possibly be about. This time around she’s not taking aim at the haters, but going back to slyly talking about one of her relationships. Could this be the track about her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn? We’re thinking yes!

The beginning of the song starts off with the lyrics "Knew he was a killer / First time that I saw him
Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted / But if he’s a ghost then I can be a phantom / Holdin’ him for ransom / Some, some some boys are trying too hard / He don’t try at all though / Younger than my exes but he acts like such a man, though / I see nothing better / Keeping him forever / Like a vendetta."

The chorus goes, "I see how this is gonna go / Touch me and you'll never be alone / Island breeze and lights down low / No one has to know / In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do, baby / In the middle of the night in my dreams, I know I'm gonna be with you."

The second verse of the song reads, "Me, I was a robber first time that he saw me / Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry / but if I'm a thief then he can join the heist and we'll move to an island-and he can be my jailer / Burton to this Taylor / Every lover known in comparison is a failure / I forget their names now / I'm so very tame now / Never be the same now."

It can be assumed that this track could be inspired by her new relationship, as in the first verse Tay makes note of her exes, and implies that this new guy acts much older than any of them did. There's also a lot of implication that whoever she's singing about, there's a lot secrecy and mystery behind him. This also points to Joe, as the two have remained a relatively low profile since they began dating. Fans may never get a straight answer, but in her usual style, the singer doesn't have to name anyone directly to get people talking.

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