Taylor Swift is in a new era after virtually disappearing for a little while and wiping her social media accounts clean of any evidence of the Old T. Swift. She's treated us all to three jams from her upcoming album Reputation, and some lucky fans have already heard the batch of songs that are coming Nov. 10, thanks to Tay doing some of her Secret Sessions again. This is when Taylor and her team hand-select fans to come to one of her many homes to hang out with Tay, hold her Grammys, eat some food, take pics and listen to her new music. We know, A LITERAL DREAM COME TRUE.

At Taylor's latest listening party at her home in Rhode Island, her Swifties who were truly ~blessed~ to be in attendance naturally took to Twitter and Instagram to share pics they took with the songstress. There was one photo in particular though that has people speculating now that Tay might be pregnant. We kid you not. Here's the pic:

OK, so it appears the belly area on her dress is popped out. But get this: she's wearing a sweatshirt dress. And it just bunched up while she was posing. That's all. Seriously, it's obviously just the angle of this photo! Here's another pic she took that night on her couch with a fan, and tbh they both look beyond adorable in the shot:

That photo is from the same night, and she clearly doesn't look pregnant. Plus, two of her fans who were at her London Secret Sessions set the record straight when someone asked if she has a baby on board, since they posed for their squad pic with their hands over her stomach.

taylor swift baby fan tweets

See? She's clearly in full-blown career mode right now, getting ready to drop her latest album and head out on tour. Yes, she may be head over heels in love with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but we're pretty sure if Taylor was about to become a mom, she would be taking time off and perhaps would've let us all know in some capacity. She may be really doing all she can to keep her private life private, but it seems like girl just had a case of your clothes not always photographing too well. And who knows, maybe she just so happened to eat a ton of snacks at the party she hosted in her home with her fans. We've all had food babies before, right?

taylor swift shrugging

This picture just proves that even Taylor is human, so let's not just assume she's having a baby, until she tells us otherwise. The only child she's getting ready to introduce to the world is this upcoming sixth album we've all been waiting for.

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