Taylor Swift has done it again and dropped another legendary music video on us, this time for the second track we heard off her highly anticipated Reputation album, "…Ready For It?" And just like it's predecessor "Look What You Made Me Do," this video is filled with Easter Eggs and continues the narrative Tay has built for this new era in her career: Yep, she's still claiming her story back after years of having the world come up with their opinions about her. And she's doing it with hit song after hit song. Slay, queen.

So in the video, we see a hooded-robe wearing Taylor calling all the shots, and tbh she looks, well not so nice. Turns out she's an evil robot of sorts and heads into this dark building where another cyborg version of Tay is trapped in a box. The two Taylors come face to face…

taylor swift ready for it music video

And the trapped in a box Taylor breaks free after letting out a ferocious yell, emerging victorious as the true Taylor.

taylor swift ready for it yell

Oh, and did we mention she's legit riding a white horse? Proving she is HER OWN SAVIOR. She's a come long way from the "Fearless" days.

taylor swift white horse

While we don't know the true meaning behind the vid for sure since Taylor herself has been stayed mum, just letting her art speak for itself, we take this whole video as a metaphor for all Taylor has gone through publicly in her career, especially in the last year. Everyone has something to say about her and created her into this twisted character (the "evil" hooded Taylor that has a reputation) but the real version of herself has been in a box pushed silently away by the world, and now with this new musical era is finally emerging. Taylor is taking her narrative back and is ready to rise up, leaving all the negativity behind her. If you want to say something about her, that's fine but she'll just be over here letting her music tell her truth.

Chilling. Taylor dropped some more hidden messages in the video too that have us thinking they could be potential lyrics from other tunes on the upcoming album. When she's walking, there's spray paint on the way that reads "I love you in secret."

taylor swift video lyric 1

Another spot on the wall says "This is enough" on the left behind Taylor.

taylor swift video lyric 2

On her right behind here, we see, "Ur gorgeous" in white spray paint, and we've already heard that jam.

taylor swift video lyric 3

And when the evil robot Taylor is literally combusting, she's standing on a structure that reads "They're burning all the witches."

taylor swift video lyric 4

So since the "Gorgeous" sentence is an actual line we've heard, we're hoping these other lines will appear in songs too. Seriously, is it Nov. 10th yet? But of course, Taylor's friends have already heard the songs and are hyping it up for her. Selena Gomez spoke to Zane Lowe on his Apple Music station and gushed over Reputation.

"I obviously love her so much and want her to do what she does and she's killing it. It's everything you would want and more so very proud and obviously a major fan," Selena said. And we trust everything Selena says, so there we have it. Plus, Taylor's longtime pal Abigail Anderson Lucier took to Instagram to share a pic of the girls hanging out — with an epic photobomb from Papa Swift — letting us know she approves too.

"The old Taylor might be dead but the new Taylor is well worth the wait ? November 10th…Ready for it? #seewhatididthere #reputation," she wrote in the caption.

OK, who looks this glam when you're just casually hanging out at your bestie's house hanging out, listening to her new songs? Goals right there. Until the album is in our ears, we'll just keep watching the music videos over and over again. Watch "…Ready For It?" yourself below!

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