She’s back at it again! Taylor Swift is keeping up the tradition of giving everything about her new album to her biggest fans first. It all of course started with her casually chatting up her Swifties who were doing a couple of Instagram live sessions. Many fans then began speculating that those little convos had something to do with the listening parties she holds right before dropping a new album. Since Reputation’s release date is right around the corner, it only makes sense she would keep the tradition alive – which is exactly what the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer did.

Lucky fans in London were able to hear Taylor’s new sound, and it should come as no surprise that they all absolutely loved it. Aside from of course being in total and complete shock, they were not just hanging out with the singer, but hanging in her home too. Since these things are super low-key and extremely secretive – it should come as no surprise that at the moment, there are no pictures to show. Fans were only able to tweet out their excitement, which is what many did while praising the singer for giving them the ultimate hangout for a couple of hours. Yeah, the lucky bunch got to spend a total of five hours with her.

Oh, and she casually just gave them all some swag too. Talk about an epic hangout session with your favorite singer. Fans definitely won’t be forgetting the day anytime soon. Also, we can’t but notice this was held on Friday the 13th – obviously the number is still key in anything she does professionally. Hopefully, there are more of these secret sessions to come, and we get an invite to one of them. Nothing would be more epic than spending a couple of hours with Tay while jamming out to her new album.

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