Taylor Swift left her fandom and the world v confused when she suddenly purged her social media accounts clean out of the blue in August of 2017. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, everything was just gone. Little did we know, she was about to drop some game-changing news on the world: that new music was on the way and in November, her sixth album, Reputation was bestowed upon us. But what really had us all scratching our heads at first was that she simply posted videos of a snake with no context. Example:

OK, now this snake is fierce AF and we all really didn't know what to make of it. But alas, it was Taylor's way of introducing this new era in her career where she reclaimed her narrative and embraced the snake. In fact, Taylor even sent her friends snake-themed holiday cards, which was shown to us via her former tourmate Shawn Mendes' manager Andrew Gertler's Instagram story.

Imagine getting one of these in the mail. We should all be so lucky. And truly, Taylor is legit all about the snakes nowadays. In her music video for "Look What You Made Me Do", she sat on a throne filled with snakes all around her who even served her tea.

taylor swift snake

And this went along with one of her personas she portrayed, who is basically the evil snake queen out to get everyone, with receipts and all of what's been done to her.

taylor swift lwymmd snake

Legendary. And let us not forget how she showed up to one of her Secret Sessions album listening parties she hosted for hand-selected groups of fans wearing black boots that you guessed it, featured snakes on them.

She then made her big musical return to Saturday Night Live with a microphone that was decked out with a gold glittery snake, naturally.

taylor swift snl snake mic

And while she was out and about on the Jingle Ball tour, she made sure she wore a flowy shirt that featured a sparkly green snake that was wearing a Santa hat.

taylor swift snake shirt

Can you even handle it? Plus in her "End Game" music video, there's a scene where she's spotted sitting on top of a bar playing a video game: snake.

taylor swift end game snake

Plus, we have to factor in how some of her Reputation era merch features snake designs on hoodies and she's even selling snake rings. Girl is fully committing to this lifestyle. So where does it all stem from? Well, it actually comes from a not so nice situation. See, we all remember when Kim Kardashian released those videos on Snapchat of Taylor on the phone with her husband Kanye West, seemingly approving the lyrics he wrote about Tay in his song "Famous." This came though, after Taylor made it very clear she didn't approve the lyrics and she was ultimately sad, angry and upset with the betrayal she felt. In Taylor's defense, the one word that made her the most upset didn't seem to be to be said to her on that phone call, but she did have knowledge this song and lyrics about her were happening, which we the public didn't know about until Kim dropped those videos. From there, everyone began flooding Taylor's Instagram with the green snake emoji ?, especially after Kim tweeted about it being National Snake Day and was for sure throwing major shade at the songstress.

Basically, everyone felt like Taylor was a "snake" so she decided to embrace it. She took something negative and turned it into just another part of the Taylor Swift empire. Literally turned something well rude and hurtful people were calling her and used the symbol to re-introduce herself after her musical hiatus. Honestly, who else would take an insult and make it something dare we say, empowering? The world was calling her a snake, so she shed her former skin and re-emerged as someone new, going through her own snake-like transformation. Would you ever expect anything less?

taylor swift hair flip

Keep slaying with your snakes, Taylor.

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