Taylor Swift's bestie Todrick Hall made a front row appearance in the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video and he was, of course, wearing an 'I <3 TS' crop top. For those of you who slept through Tay's short-lived romance with Tom Hiddleston, he was the first one to wear the tank during a Fourth of July party in Rhode Island. Aside from the music video crop top making a jab at the relationship, Todrick had something else to say about the ensemble as well. He literally had no idea he was going to be wearing it! While he doesn't mention when Taylor broke the news, he does explain some of his insecurities surrounding his body and how this was really difficult for him to get in front of a camera with.

He said, "She didn’t tell me that I was going to be wearing a crop top! That’s something I haven’t told anybody before, and I am the most self-conscious person about my body. I was not at the gym, and I was definitely eating stuffed-crust pizzas and [eating] a lot of things I shouldn’t have been eating. I was very nervous about that, and she’s probably the only person that would’ve been able to get me in a crop top— that’s probably the only time you’ll [ever] see me in a crop top."


All we're hearing is that if Taylor Swift tells you to wear a crop top, you are going to wear the damn crop top. Jokes aside, it's eye-opening to discover Todrick does actually feel self-conscious about his body. Not only this revelation shows that he's only human, but also super relatable. I mean, stuffed crust pizzas are definitely something no one can resist. However, it's pretty awesome that he's comfortable enough to be honest with the fans and explain why he wasn't totally okay with the situation. But, of course, would do anything for his bestie.

Todrick continued with nothing but praise for Queen Taylor. "She just always outdoes herself. One day she said to me, 'I follow every zig with a zag. I don’t try to necessarily outdo myself — I just try to do something slightly different.' When she says things like that to me, I try to apply those things to my own life…I think for a lot of artists that’s hard for them to do, but Taylor hits the nail on the head every time."

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