Teala Dunn and Noah Teicher seemed like a picture-perfect couple, but now the actress and YouTuber has accused the model of cheating on her! It all started when a fan shared a photo, presumably from Noah's Snapchat, showing his shadow next to another girl's. Teala responded by saying, "that's not me…"

Then, she started speaking up about how "liars and cheaters are so pathetic" and that she has no respect for them.

He responded by saying that they broke up a month ago. (If that's true, nobody had any clue. They were still posting photos with each other and teasing projects together just a few days ago — and he retweeted a fan who was excited about their reunion.)

The girl from his Snapchat has been identified, and she even chimed in, saying that they're just friends and that Teala and Noah broke up.

So basically, this whole thing is…complicated. Yikes.

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