Besties Teala Dunn and Nia Sioux are taking their “sisterhood” to a new level! The YouTube sensation and Dance Moms alum recently launched their “Adulting” podcast with Spotify, and are bringing their “different perspectives” together to help fans conquer the “never-ending” world of adulthood.

“We’re just navigating what it’s like being an adult. There’s so many things that Nia has gone through that I haven’t gone through and vice versa. So, we just give advice and there’s a lot of learning lessons,” Teala, 24, tell J-14 exclusively about the show. “There’s so many topics for adulting. The last thing we wanted to do was pick a title that, kind of, puts us in a box. Whereas adulting … this is our life. There’s always something that you can learn.”

During each installment of “Adulting,” Nia, 19, and Teala tackle relatable topics, like living with roommates, breakups and the yet-to-come “juicy” episodes about “girl problems” and “friendship drama.” This best friend duo has no problem spilling the tea with each other or their listeners.

“We’re so close where we can be open and honest and comfortable with each other,” Nia explains. “I think that’s why it works out so well, because we are best friends. I think people really, really do see that with the podcast.”

Nia/Teala Exclusive

However, the former reality star admits sometimes it’s hard for her to talk about such personal topics.

“I try not to share too much of my life because my whole life was on Dance Moms, and I feel like people just don’t need all of that information,” Nia explains. “But I realized that, yes, I do want to talk about, it because it is my life. You have no idea who is struggling or is going through the same things. So, I felt like it’s important to be as honest as I possibly can without hurting other people or calling anyone out.”

When it comes to advice, both girls have a lot to give. Nia notes that her “little big sis” Teala has taught her so much over the years.

“She has given me some great dating advice, and [she taught me] you have to be confident whenever you walk into a room,” the Pennsylvania native recalls. “She doesn’t care about what other people think about her. She will make a TikTok huge public space. She doesn’t care … I’ve definitely learned that from her, to take up space because you deserve to take up space.”

Both podcasters agree that they attract listeners because Nia is still “at the beginning stages of adulthood” and Teala is an “official adult now.” What’s surprised them the most about being first-time hosts? The fan response!

“Everybody has had something really positive to say about the podcast … That’s been a really pleasant surprise,” Teala admits. Nia agrees, “People are really excited about it and are really happy with it. That makes me happy because that means that we’re doing our jobs right.”

Although they’re tight-lipped about any possible guests in the near future, Teala says she “would love to see some more Black Girl Magic” on the podcast. They both name Zendaya, Yara Shahidi and Michelle Obama as dream collaborators.

“The fact that we’re two young Black girls doing this, it’s going to influence other young Black girls or boys that they can do this too,” the TikTok star gushes. Nia adds, “The more we see Black creators and influencers doing amazing things, I feel like that just, honestly, paves the way and helps get other Black kids in the door to do what they want to do.”

Aside from podcasting, both girls are still auditioning for acting projects amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Nia, for her part, is also gearing up to complete her freshman year at the University of California, Los Angeles, but she’s “excited” to finally get on campus.

Because they’re both self-proclaimed “works in progress,” Teala and Nia joke that, even with their podcast, they’ve yet to master the art of being adults.

“I think growing up is overrated and I would like a refund,” Teala says. “Adulting is a trap.”

New episodes of Teala and Nia’s “Adulting” podcast premiere on Spotify every Wednesday.

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