From costars to besties! Teala Dunn has nothing but amazing things to say about the actors whom she starred alongside in Crush, including Rowan Blanchard.

“I love Rowan. She is so genuine and down to earth. And let me tell you, she brought it,” the actress, 25, tells J-14 exclusively when promoting the Hulu film, which premieres on Friday, April 29. “We could be talking about anything on set, goofing off laughing, but the minute we are like rolling and ready, she’s always prepared. That’s just what I admire about her the most, because I’m the same way.”

Teala went on to say that the former Disney Channel star, 20, “brought the vibe” while they filmed the movie “in the middle of the nowhere” in Syracuse, New York.

“She had this big boom box that she would bring to set every single day,” the “Adulting” podcast host adds. “We would do night shoots and sometimes we would be filming really early in the morning. She would bring the boombox and she’d be playing all this music and we would be twerking in the hair and makeup room every morning, I kid you not. So she really definitely brought the vibes.”

Other than Teala and Rowan, Crush stars Auli’i Cravalho, Isabella Ferreira, Tyler Alvarez and Rico Paris, among others. When the cameras weren’t rolling, all the stars became fast friends.

“I think because we were so far away from all of our homes and we kind of only had each other and we were all the lead. So, we were working together so much, we just instantly bonded,” Teala gushes. “The chemistry was just out of this world and they are all like family to me. So, it was just such a dream to be a part of such an amazing movie.”

Teala Dunn Shares What She ‘Admires’ About ‘Crush’ Costar Rowan Blanchard: 'She Is So Genuine'
Brett Roedel/Hulu

Teala — who plays Stacey — was instantly drawn to the movie because it’s a “different” type of romantic comedy. The Good Trouble star explains the film as a “young coming of age lesbian love story” where “everyone’s sexuality” is supported.

“It’s such an inspiring story in the fact that there are so many diverse queer characters in this movie that are so supported. There are so many allies in this movie too,” Teala says. “Like, this is incredible. I just feel like I’m a part of history and to play a character that is an ally that supports, you know, her best friends through thick and thin. I just think that this movie is very inclusive and I think that’s very important, especially for younger viewers, but this movie is truly for everyone.”

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