Harry Styles doesn't use Instagram often but when he does it certainly is something meaningful. He posted a photo of a rainbow in support of all of the people who were injured and lost their lives at the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando.

We thought it was a beautiful, super thoughtful and respectful post yet some fans are not happy. Why? Well, it had nothing to do with the One Direction heartthrob but everything to do with Harry's alleged secret romance with his band mate Louis Tomlinson!

We're all familiar that the fandom even came up with a ship name for these two, Larry. Now some people are commenting on Harry's sentimental post with the name Larry and Directioners are not happy about it!

Some of the tweets read:

Yikes! To be honest, the fans are right. The controversy surrounding Larry has been squashed multiple times by members of the band and we should be thinking about the victims at the moment and the awesome tribute Harry posted for them!

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