Best Friends Whenever fans, this is your time. The Disney Channel show is airing new episodes of the show all week long! J-14 recently visited the set and got the inside scoop on the upcoming season. Landry Bender, Lauren Taylor, Gus Kamp, Ricky Garcia, the Royer twins EXCLUSIVELY opened up about the new addition to their cast — and why this season is the best one yet.

The show's newest character is a time-traveling teen named Princess Daisy, who will be played by Bryana Salaz. Obviously, hijinks ensue!

Ricky told us, "She's very interesting because she comes from the past, not knowing what's going on, but Cyd and Shelby have to take care of her and teach her things from the new time."

That's not all! Landry revealed that their second season is better than the first.

"It's just better, overall. I feel like we've all grown to know our characters more, we've grown up a little bit more. We've gotten to know each other more, so overall I feel like the jokes are funnier. There's more sets, there's more characters. It's just overall better. I'm so excited. I'm really proud of it, for sure," she told us.

Watch the interview below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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