Dive into the delightful realm of K-drama romance in 2024, where a treasure trove of captivating stories awaits. From the tear-jerking allure of Queen of Tears to the whimsical charm of Doctor Slump, these series promise to transport you through intricate love stories and unforgettable moments that will keep you enchanted episode after episode. Discover why these dramas are a must-watch as they weave tales of love, growth, and resilience, making them essential additions to your binge-watching list this year.

One of our particular favs is Doctor Slump, starring Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik. Originally premiering in January 2024 on Netflix, the show follows two doctors in the depths of their professional burnouts — when they unexpectedly reconnect. As they navigate this reunion, old rivalries may resurface, yet it also holds the potential to kindle a new flame of romance between them.

ICYMI, Park Shin-hye is a K-drama darling, starring in nearly every popular drama in the 2010s — from The Heirs, The Doctors, Pinocchio, You’re Beautiful and so much more.

Her role in Doctor Slump marked the first K-drama that the Korean actress has starred in in three years, since getting married and giving birth to a child. During an online press conference in January 2024, Park Shine-hye revealed why she decided to return to acting with Doctor Slump.

“I empathized with my character Ha-neul very much because I have a lot of friends who have been burnt out or depressed,” she explained. “When Ha-neul becomes depressed, she thinks that there needs to be this grand solution to her depression and that she can only overcome her burnt-out-ness through that. But I think that happiness isn’t far away, and it doesn’t rely on some big answer. I wanted to tell viewers this through playing Ha-neul.”

Park Hyung-sik is in nearly every fan-favorite Korean dramas there, which has coined his nickname as the “King of K-Dramas.” He’s starred in The Heirs, The High Society, Soundtrack #1 and of course, Strong Girl Bong Soon — which is probably what he’s best known for.

Queen of Tears, Doctor Slump, Marry My Husband , My Sweet Mobster, Lovely RunnerLovely Runner”

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