If you’re part of BookTok, you’ve likely seen the same books pop up again and again — but which ones are truly worth your time? J-14 dove into the pages and curated a list of 10 must-read books that won’t disappoint.

One series BookTok can’t stop talking about is, of course, the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. You may roll your eyes at this suggestion if you haven’t read it — but anyone who has understands how addicting this series truly is. The first novel from the Empyrean series, Fourth Wing, first dropped in May 2023, with its sequel Iron Flame premiering in November 2023.

The story follows a 20-year-old named Violet Sorrengail, who unexpectedly enlists into Basgiath War College in order to become an elite dragon rider after years of training to be a scribe.  Some have called it “Divergent meets Dragons” or “Hunger Games meets Fantasy” and TBH, we couldn’t agree more! The cherry on top is a perfect enemies-to-lovers romance that will make you question if you’ve ever truly been in love.

The series will be a total of five books, Yarros confirmed in 2023.

“I love how it flows with the first one, and how they designed the series to go back and forth with each other,” Yarros told TODAY.com in May 2023 of the two first Fourth Wing books. “The books are fully potted for five books. The whole series is plotted out and arced and all of that. And I think it really deals with the theme of history: Who’s allowed to tell our history, and what happens when only people in power are the ones who record our history.”

One of our fav writers is the one-and-only, Emily Henry — a.k.a. the queen of modern romance novels. Some of her work includes Book Lovers, People We Meet On Vacation, Happy Place and most recently, Funny Story — all of which deserve their day in the sun.

“I started writing Beach Read really, entirely for fun. There was no intention to try and publish it,” the writer told Today in April 2023. “I just wanted to be working on that kind of story.”

Emily actually wrote within the young adult genre before trying out romance — which she admitted she never really was into previously.

“I remember the joy of becoming a romance reader and the discovery of how many amazing books there are, and the pace at which your favorite romance authors tend to work and put out books,” she said. “There’s just so much to read. You’ll just never run out of fantastic romance novels.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the most popular BookTok books that are definitely worth it.

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