“Crazy Car,” “If That’s Not Love” and more iconic songs were made popular by The Naked Brothers Band when it premiered via Nickelodeon on February 3, 2007. After three seasons and nearly 40 episodes on the air, the show came to an end on June 13, 2009, but so many of the stars have stayed in Hollywood.

Starring brothers Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, the series was the network’s mockumentary about a tween rock band and their epic road to success, and it was actually based on the siblings’ real lives.

“In the show we play huge, famous rock stars,” said Nat told The New York Times in September 2007. “After the show came on, people began to really treat us like huge rock stars. They’d scream on the street, and we’d look behind us to see what they were screaming about, because we didn’t realize it was us.”

The show was written and directed by their real-life mother, Polly Draper. Their real-life dad, Michael Wolff, even played their father on the show. Not to mention that all of their bandmates were played by their real-life friends.

“We haven’t actually had many directors,” Nat explained when talking about working with his mom. “So it seems kind of natural. And any time we’ve had another director, it seems odd. You know, ‘You mean you can’t sit on that director’s lap?’”

Alex chimed in, joking, “Sometimes at home, she’ll forget she’s our mother. So she’ll be like, ‘Honey, get me a PB & J.’ And then she’ll say she’s sorry.”

Aside from the show, The Naked Bothers Band also had five specials and together they released four albums over the years.

“It’s all based on reality. It’s not like work. It’s things we might say or do or want to say or do,” Nat told The New York Times in a separate interview from June 2008. “I like the feeling of creating something that wasn’t there. If we have another season, I’m totally getting ideas.”

Since the show came to an end, more than a decade ago, the cast has definitely come a long way!  J-14 investigated and discovered what all the former Nickelodeon stars are up to now. Fans of the series are not going to believe how much they’ve all grown up over the years! Scroll through our gallery to see what the The Naked Brothers Band cast has been up to since the show came to an end. 

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