By now, there’s a good chance you’ve devoted some time to become totally obsessed with Netflix’s latest Christmas movie, The Princess Switch, starring the one and only Vanessa Hudgens. The 29-year-old plays a baker from Chicago named Stacy who gets to compete in a major baking competition in the fictional country of Belgravia. It’s there that Stacy meets a Duchess named Margaret, who happens to look just like her. They switch places and with the help of some Christmas magic, each girl finds her true love.

Vanessa Hudgens The Princess Switch Stacy and Margaret

Yes, it’s mushy, predictable, and basically like The Parent Trap — you know, minus the parents — but it’s still glorious and Vanessa totally steals hearts in her dual roles. But eagle-eyed fans already spotted one little discrepancy when it came to editing one of the final scenes of the movie. Spoiler alert: at the end of the movie, Stacy ends up marrying Prince Edward, with Duchess Margaret and her love (and Stacy’s BFF) Kevin cheering the couple on. But as fans noticed, Vanessa’s body double who helped her film the twin roles, Dewi Sarginson, is clearly seen. Here’s the shot:

The Princess Switch Body Double Mistake

As we see, Stacy is happily kissing her prince but right across the room is Margaret and Kevin, but it’s clearly not Vanessa in this frame. Here it is zoomed in for you:

The Princess Switch Body Double Mistake Zoom In

Now, this is obviously just a little error, but still, all types of amazing that somehow makes the movie even better. The holidays are all about snuggling up on the couch watching films that get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and it’s safe to say The Princess Switch does just that. Also, there’s a scene where Margaret pretending to Stacy gets gifted a necklace from Kevin who she’s totally in love with and it gave off major High School Musical 2 vibes when Troy gave Gabriella the iconic “T” necklace.

And now we’re going to watch The Princess Switch, yet again.

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