The 2017 Oscar Awards may have been a star-studded event last night, but there was one person that was noticeably missing from the festivities. Not only did Selena Gomez skip out on the show, but she also was absent from the pre-show parties and after-party celebrations. Everyone from Demi Lovato to Nick Jonas to Hailee Steinfeld to Justin Bieber made an appearance at some point or another. So, where was our girl Selena?

She's with her new bae, The Weeknd, of course! It was previously reported last week that Selena was seen arriving at LAX and then popping back up in Amsterdam. Elle magazine Netherlands confirmed the news that she was seen out and about overseas and, at first, no one knew what she was doing over there. However, everything started to make sense.

The Weeknd was performing for his world tour in Amsterdam the same day Selena was spotted in town. Shippers weren't exactly sure how long Selena planned on touring with The Weeknd until she started posting more and more clips and snapshots from his concerts over the past couple of days.

She posted a photo on her Instagram story at his concert. How did we know it was his concert? She got half of his face in the frame! Yes, very sneaky, but not so sneaky at all. It almost seems like the "Good For You" singer wants people to know about this new love in her life.

One thing is for sure, Selena is staying by The Weeknd's side for more tour dates than just Amsterdam. She was spotted at his show in Zurich, Switzerland by a fan.

Aww! How into the show does she look?? Even though this fan might be taking a video of her, Selena doesn't take her eyes off of the stage where her man is performing. This is kind of, really adorable! It just goes to show that she really does love him. Not only that but it seems like, just by watching this video, that she's super inspired by him as well.

That's not all! The Weeknd made frequent appearances on Selena's social media but fans are freaking out over this one particular clip. She actually calls him "baby" and it's the greatest thing ever! Viewers can see the "Starboy" singer on a television screen when the whole thing goes down.

This is REAL love, you guys. What a great relationship to have! Respecting each other as artists and what they each do professionally as well, as having such an intense personal connection, seems to be the perfect recipe!

Maybe Selena will make it to next year's Oscar Awards.

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