The Summer I Turned Pretty or the summer I turned into a Christopher Briney fan? Team Conrad has gained a lot of momentum since the Amazon Prime series came out on June 17, and so many fans are dying to know more about the actor behind Conrad. Scroll for everything we know about Chris!

Who Is Christopher Briney?

Christopher is a young actor who starred in the Amazon Prime series, The Summer I Turned Pretty, which is based on the book series of the same name by Jenny Han. It follows the story of two brothers and their childhood best friend in an epic love triangle during the summertime. Chris plays Conrad, the mysterious and broody, older brother with a heart of gold, while Gavin Casalegno plays younger brother and genuine ball of sunshine, Jeremiah.

The young actor that plays Conrad is pretty new to the acting world, as he had only booked one other project before starring in TSITP, a movie called Dalí Land based on famous painter, Salvador Dalí. He was actually in Liverpool shooting the project during the audition process for TSITP and did all of his chemistry reads over Zoom. The day of the table read for the movie was the day he found out he was cast as Conrad. “That was one of the better days I’ve been lucky enough to have,” he says.

Other than that, Chris has been in college productions, smaller features and short films.

Where Did Christopher Briney Go to College?

The 24-year-old actor went to college at New York City’s Pace University and studied acting for Film, TV, Voiceover and Commercial. He even met his now-girlfriend and fellow actress, Isabel Machado, while studying. The couple even starred in a short film together called Reasons To Be Pretty. Seems like Chris likes projects that end in “pretty”!

Additionally, when he was in school, he worked at Trader Joe’s on the Lower East Side. “I’m trying to go out to dinner once in a while, while going through school,” he joked to POPSUGAR about his time in the service industry. “It’s not easy.”

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