The Vamps have been around for years, but some people are just coming around to the fact that A) they exist, and B) they are awesome. In a new interview with Paper, the guys opened up about their music, those One Direction comparisons, and how they've evolved over the years. Even though some acts get upset about being branded "boy bands," Brad Simpson says that they're fine with the label because they know who they are as a group.

"I don't think we've fought against it. We don't mind. In today's industry, there's a massive lack of guitars, and if a band pops along you get categorized. But if people really want to know what the Vamps are, come see a live show — people's opinions are always altered after that," Brad said.


Now that 1D is on hiatus, many have been speculating which band is going to fill that void of a group of charismatic young dudes singing directly into your soul. Well, James McVey (who has been vocal about his One Direction love) says that Directioners are more than welcome to listen to The Vamps!

"I hope we'll be doing this for many more years. It's a shame 1D has gone, but if their fans want to listen to other music. They can listen to us if they want!" he joked.

Are you surprised that The Vamps don't mind being called a boy band? Let us know in the comments!

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