It might be a little too soon in their relationship for Selena Gomez to already have inspired The Weeknd to write songs about her, but from some of his lyrics in his most recent album Starboy it might seem like the Canadian guy had his eyes on her for quite some time. He recently dropped a song called "Some Way" that apparently took shots at her ex
Justin Bieber, so are there more Sel-inspired tunes in his discography?

Both of them are known to use their personal relationships as the inspiration behind their music, so we really can't wait to see what comes out of this love affair. In celebration of The Weeknd's 27th birthday on February 16, we have collected 11 lyrics from the album that could have been inspired by the singer— some might be a stretch, but it is just too good to deny.

Click through the gallery to see more lyrics from the singer and tell us which ones you think are about Sel in the comments.

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