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The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have stayed silent about their new relationship, especially when it comes to her ex-boyfriend
Justin Bieber, but it looks like the lyrics in the R&B singer's latest song "Some Way" have a lot to say about this love triangle.

Selena's new guy, whose name is Abel Tesfaye, is featured in a new song by rapper Nav that was released on Feb. 15, and some of the lyrics are pointing to him seemingly taking someone else's girl. And some parts could potentially be referencing his relationship with Selena and the way JB has been reacting to them being together.

The up-and-coming rapper from Toronto, Canada, who is signed to The Weeknd's label XO, tweeted out lyrics in anticipation of the song's release that said, "Gotem feelin some way."

In The Weeknd's verses in the song, he talks about his lavish lifestyle, his success, and how other people doubted him. Later on, he gets a bit more personal, bragging about his latest romantic conquest and addressing someone in particular who is feeling hurt about all the great things that are happening in his life.

"I think your girl, think your girl fell in love with me," he sings, adding some additional remarks about how good he is treating her and how she says he is her "remedy."

>"I just took that chick and I know you are feeling some way. "She just wants a —- like me, you feeling some way, way, way. She just wants a —- like me I ain't playing no games."

His new girlfriend is not the only one he sings about in the new tune, in one part he also says, "None of my girls, of my girls going to get over me," which could be an ode to his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid, who recently admitted that she still loves him.

In Nav's verse in the song, he says, "Now you are getting mad because you got replaced," which could also be a response to the videos and shade Justin has been throwing at The Weeknd since he went public with the "Good For You" singer.

Justin has said that he thinks Abel's music is "wack" and mocked his song "Starboy" in a recent Instagram Live video this past weekend. There is no telling when this song was actually recorded, or whether or not it was inspired by the "Sorry" singer's remarks, but it does fit perfectly with this situation. The song is no different than what The Weeknd usually sings, so maybe this just seems like a jab at Justin, but it might just be just another day in the life of the Canadian crooner.

Listen to the song below and let us know if YOU think this song is a response to Justin in the comment section below.

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