Any time Selena Gomez and The Weeknd give their millions of adoring fans a look at their relationship, the love for them as a couple continues to grow.

So obviously when the “Can’t Feel My Face” singer recently took to his Instagram stories to share just where his favorite place in the world to be is, hearts across the world exploded with all the feels imaginable.

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Naturally the question on everyone’s mind is where exactly is the R&B singer’s number one place to be. Could it be the beach? Perhaps a gorgeous countryside or a bustling city with Sel by his side? Sounds picturesque and romantic, but it’s not where the singer wants to be at the end of the day.

Turns out, there’s no place like home in The Weeknd’s eyes. Add in some video games, and the “Fetish” singer and it might as well be heaven on earth for the “Starboy” crooner – at least that’s what his latest post had everyone thinking.

The “I Feel It Coming” singer’s latest addition to his stories, was a picture of himself playing video games, and featured Sel cuddled up right by his side was simply captioned “home.”

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It’s pretty clear that it’s where his heart is too. These lovebirds have come a long way from hiding their relationship just when it began earlier this year. In a matter of months, they have clearly gotten over trying to act as if nothing was going on between them. Now the two of them can’t help but spend as much time together as possible, gush about one another, and all of their accomplishments all over social media.

No one is complaining of course, nothing makes fans happier than seeing their favorite celebs thrive professionally and personally – which is exactly what Sel and The Weeknd are doing.

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