1. Just be yourself!
As a true sweetheart, Thomas says he wants any girl he’s into to just be whoever she wants to be! “The biggest attraction for me is someone who is themselves and who is honest with themselves,” he tells only J-14. “I love when somebody’s smart, in touch emotionally with themselves and emotionally honest with themselves.”

2. Go with the flow!
When Thomas meets someone he likes, he takes things slow. “I like when you’re starting to text somebody, it’s very cute,” he smiles. “And then when you start to phone someone, have a little FaceTime with them, that’s sort of next level. Then, you finally conjure up the courage to ask them out and then you go on a date with them.”

3. Show him how kind you are!
“I love someone with a big heart,” he says. “Someone who is kind to themselves, because if you’re kind to yourself, then that spreads outwards and that means that you can be kind to other people.”

4. Expect the unexpected!
No date is out of the question for Thomas. “I once told a girl we were going to the cinema, but instead I took her to the woods,” he remembers. “I’d been there a couple of hours before to set everything up. I bought about a hundred candles and set them all around and had marshmallows and a speaker for music. It was really nice.”

5. Be open to his interests!
A few things you could expect Thomas to be into? “I like reading, I like writing, I love dancing, I love socializing, I love going to the gym and going exploring,” he tells us. And there’s one low-key activity
that he would love the girl he’s crushing on to be into. “FIFA soccer for Playstation!” he opens up to J-14. Game on, Thomas!

Interview and story by Toni Ferrigno. "Guy Guide: 5 Ways To Thomas' Heart" originally appeared in the September 2017 edition of J-14 Magazine.

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