Descendants 2 will finally be hitting television screens everywhere on July 21 but there’s one new character who has caught everyone’s attention already: Harry Hook, played by newcomer Thomas Doherty. The son of yes you guessed it, Captain Hook, is legit rotten to the core and as Uma’s right hand man, he for sure gives the OG Villain Kids a run for their money.

But what we all want to know more about is the actor who brings this character to life. With a jawline so sharp it looks like actual glass, to those dreamy light blue eyes and the fact that Thomas has totally stolen his co-star Dove Cameron‘s heart off-screen, there’s still so much we don’t know about the Scottish cutie. We caught up with the actor to talk all about D2 and he opened up about how much his life has dramatically changed since he was cast in the highly anticipated DCOM.

“It’s been pretty intense. This time two years ago, I was working in a restaurant as a waiter and now my face is on a [poster],” Thomas told J-14.

Literally goals. Dove told us that all about how the cast and crew of the movie knew these two were a perfect match, although she and Thomas didn’t see it at first, which he confirmed is really how their love story all came about.

“I think the only people that didn’t really notice that was me and her,” Thomas said to us. Check out the video for our full chat and seriously prepare to swoon because that accent and his lovely speaking voice is the cutest:

So eloquent that Tommy. And of course, we had to ask him all about that scene between Harry and Mal when they’re first seeing each other since she decided to return to the Isle and there’s that interaction with his actual hook. Dove spilled the tea exclusively to J-14 that it was almost cut from the movie, since it was supposed to help feed the backstory she, Thomas and director Kenny Ortega came up with that these two characters had a thing way back in the day. Dove and Thomas’ chemistry was just a little too of the charts for everyone to handle that Kenny thought it would take away from Mal and Ben’s love story, hence why it was almost taken out of the movie completely.

“The amazing thing about being an actor is obviously you get act on-screen, with the words, with the character, but you also get to create this amazing backstory, which Kenny [Ortega] insisted every single person on set had that, which I love so much,” Thomas explained.

“There’s a lot of depth to each character. But yeah, there’s a scene with Mal and Harry and we decided it would be quite interesting to throw that in there and try to bring that to life on set. Added another dimension to it. And then like bees to honey, couldn’t get her off me!” Thomas joked.

Forget #TeamMal and #TeamUma, it’s safe to say everyone is going to be #TeamHarry now.

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