TikTok star Thomas Petrou has responded after fans accused him and his fellow Hype House members of “scamming” them after they noticed that the group of influencers were charging a super high fee on shipping for their “free” merch.

“Every time I promote them I say you have to pay shipping and handling,” he wrote in a comment, which was screenshotted and reposted by the Instagram account TikTok Room. “I’m not gonna lose money on buying, selling and shipping a product.”

For those who missed it, the TikTok squad — also made up of Chase HudsonAvani Gregg, Ondreaz and Tony LopezPatrick HustonRyland StormsNick AustinCalvin GoldbyAlex WarrenKouvr Annon and more — released a new collection of chains on Tuesday, August 11.

I just dropped Hype chains! Click the link in my bio to get yours before they’re sold out! They’re free you just pay shipping,” Thomas wrote in an Instagram announcement at the time.

The website for the new pieces of jewelry claim that the 20-inch chains are worth $100, are silver-plated and have simulate diamonds and solid pendants. Seems like a great deal, right? But when some fans noticed that they were charging $19.58 for the shipping and handling fees, they started to slam the TikTokers.

YouTuber DefNoodles even pointed out on Twitter that mailing a package “with similar weight can cost as low as $3.80, according to USPS.”

“Hype House allegedly scamming fans with new ‘Hype Chain.’ They claim on website $100 chains are ‘free,’ but shipping and handling is $19.58 within LA, where Hype House is based. Mailing chain of similar weight can cost as low as $3.80, according to USPS. What are your thoughts?” he wrote.

He then added in another message, “Hype House is also limiting the amount of ‘free’ chains customers can order at a time. According to their website: ‘If you want multiple free chains make multiple orders.’ Each order is ‘free’ + $19.58 shipping and handling.”

The Hype House did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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