TikTok Hype House cofounder Thomas Petrou has shared his side of the story. The 21-year-old uploaded a video to the influencer house’s YouTube channel on Thursday, April 2, and responded to Daisy Keech‘s accusations against him and fellow cofounder Chase Hudson. As fans know, Thomas and Daisy first started the group of 19 influencers after they met at the Team 10 house and became close friends. But things turned ugly after Daisy claimed that Thomas was taking all the credit for creating the group. Now, he has claimed that it’s his time to give followers “the real truth” about the feud that had being going on behind the scenes.

Throughout his 26-minute video, Thomas addressed many of Daisy’s claims, starting with the large deposit they they put down to get the Los Angeles-based mansion. In her video, Daisy claimed that $18,000 of the initial deposit was her money. But according to Thomas, that was not true. He said that the money had been only his and Chase’s and that eventually, Daisy paid them back.

He also responded to Daisy’s claim that she was almost never named as one of the cofounders during interviews. For those who missed it, she said that during the Hype House’s New York Times interview, Thomas and Chase “completely took over” and didn’t give her “any recognition.”

“I never once in that interview said that it was me and Chase who were the only cofounders and Daisy was sitting next to me the entire time and never expressed an ounce of concern to me and even after we all went up and had a photoshoot and had a really good time. It was all positive,” he explained.

Thomas said he started to notice that Daisy became less involved with anything Hype House related. He claimed that it was a “slap in the face” when she stopped promoting the house’s content on her social media platforms and that she had decided to allegedly bow out of three important press-related interviews that the entire 19-member house had participated in. While he did admit to making a lot of decisions for the entire group, Thomas explained that he doesn’t do anything “without talking to the team” first.

“I’m pretty much the manager of the Hype House, I help coordinate a lot of the events,” he explained. “I’m one of the people that makes decisions but not without talking to everyone on the team. But at the end of the day someone has to run the house and someone has to run the business.”

Daisy also alleged that Thomas referred to her as “another hot Instagram model with a shelf life,” which he denied during his video. He then explained why no one had access to the Hype House email or social media accounts. According to Thomas, only the Hype House’s management team used the email account in order to get the group brand deals. As for the Instagram, he said, no one else wanted to run it, so he took over.

“No one has ever asked me for the login information and if they did I would give it to them in a heartbeat because everyone has the TikTok login information, everyone’s signed in that’s one of our members and they all promote it together,” he claimed.

Before concluding his video, Thomas told viewers that what he noticed was that “[Daisy] has left out a lot of very key details about why she was no longer a part of the Hype House,” so he wanted to clear them up. Daisy has yet to respond to Thomas’ video.

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