It’s no secret that every week there’s a brand new TikTok trend stepping onto the scene, but currently, the “Bulletproof” challenge has seriously taken over the video sharing app. In honor of the viral videos set to La Roux‘s 2010 song “Bulletproof,” we decided to break down the entire trend for you.

Basically, the entire purpose of this challenge is to recount a moment in your life that made you “bulletproof.” Each video features text layered over the video clip that reads, “You think you can hurt my feelings?” before adding a specific story that directly relates to the person posting the video.

Aside from all the videos making it to the For You Page, some celebrities and influencers have also taken to TikTok and uploaded their own videos following the now-viral trend. For example, James Charles spoke out following his infamous 2019 feud with Tati Westbrook.

“You think you can hurt my feelings? I lost [three] million subscribers in one day [and was] canceled over something I didn’t actually do,” the makeup mogul wrote.

@jamescharles2019 was a… dark place 🔦♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

The Dance Moms cast members — JoJo Siwa, Kenzie Ziegler, Brooke Hyland, Chloe Lukasiak and Nia Sioux — also participated and posted clips recalling their negative and “traumatic” time while on the fan-favorite series.

“You think you can hurt my feelings? I was on Dance Moms,” JoJo captioned her video. She also added statements that said she was “made fun of 24/7 for my hairline,” got called “a giant toddler” and “had strangers shout awful things” at her in public.

@itsjojosiwaHi, I’m JoJo, and….. I’ve heard it all. 🥱♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

Trisha Paytas seemingly reignited her feud with David Dobrik in her video, and lastly, Tana Mongeau thew some major shade at her 2019 marriage to Jake Paul with her take on the challenge.

“You think you can hurt my feelings? I was a Paul for 8 months,” the YouTube star wrote.

@tanamongeaulolhahahahahahah MY DIRTY FEET AT THE END♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

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