It’s happening — TikTok’s Hype House is headed to Netflix!

In April 2021, the influencer squad confirmed that they would be teaming up with the streaming service for an upcoming reality show. “I’m excited to announce that the Hype House is coming to Netflix!” cofounder Thomas Petrou shared via Instagram. “I’ve been working on this for the last year-and-a-half, and I’m so proud that this has become a reality.

News that the group of internet stars would be headed to reality TV first broke in August 2020. At the time, Deadline reported that Wheelhouse Entertainment had teamed up with the TikTok stars to create a docuseries for fans. “Each episode of the show will look at their creative endeavors for brands to drama-inducing house meetings and the initiation of new members,” the publication shared at the time. “It will also look at the housemates’ backstories, looking at the sometimes difficult and troubling events that propelled them to TikTok and the bonds they’ve formed with one another.”

After TikTok’s rise to fame in late 2019, the Hype House was the first influencer squad to step onto the scene and spawned the careers of creators Addison Rae and Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, among others. Those three have since departed from the group, but the Hype House’s current members are still making major names for themselves in the entertainment space. The house’s second cofounder, Chase Hudson — who is known as Lil Huddy online — has kicked off a pretty impressive music and acting career aside from just creating short-form dance videos. In fact, most of the Hype House influencers have all turned their endeavors to YouTube as well as on TikTok.

“Wheelhouse was launched as a one-stop shop for talent and creators looking to leverage their own brands through content,” Wheelhouse Group Chief Creative Officer Eric Wattenberg said in a statement to Deadline following Netflix’s April announcement. “It’s incredibly gratifying to partner with Netflix on this show and elevate the next generation of stars and entrepreneurs.”

With a reality show, these business-minded TikTokers are taking their personal brands to the next level.

“Look mom I made it!” fellow Hype house member Kouvr Annon wrote on Instagram. “I’m super excited to finally reveal that the Hype House is coming to Netflix! It’s about to get crazy!”

Wondering who and what else you can expect to see when the reality show premieres? Scroll through our gallery for all the details!

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