TikTok star Bryce Hall recently took to Twitter and addressed fan backlash after a clip from a YouNow stream in 2017 — in which he called a girl a “w***e” — resurfaced on the social media platform.

“People are really bringing back my old videos from when I was 16 [or] 17 and judging me based on that?! As if people don’t change?! Oh s**t you’re right! I forgot you have the same mindset/maturity level/respect level/etc. from the day you are born to the day you die… my [bad],” the internet star posted on Twitter on Friday, May 15.

He continued in another post, “I’m not saying I don’t deserve criticism for it [because] I did act as a little disrespectful pr**k in the past, but RANDOMLY bringing it back and just NOW hating on me for it after I apologized sincerely on it multiple times while I’m actually just here happy, trying to live my best life.”

Fans of the Sway House member were quick to defend him online, while others called him out and alleged that he did the same thing to fellow TikToker Chase Hudson.

“I mean you spoke facts Bryce, but [you] did create a diss track on someone off their past,” one person responded. Another added, “Yet Chase made a few mistakes a few years ago then ‘cheated’ in 2019. Why didn’t you make the diss track then, but you chose to do it now when he was in a happy relationship? Personally, I think you deserve everything you get.”

After Bryce spoke out against the incident, the fan who reposted the old clip also spoke out in a since-deleted TikTok video.

“That’s a decision he chose to make and he chose to act that way for an audience which I think is uncalled for and that’s why I posted it,” she explained. “I know that people can change and it was a long time ago. However, my personal opinions are mine.”

He did not respond further.

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