Following their breakup, Josh Richards has spoken out about his ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett and revealed where their relationship stands today. The TikTok star also dishes on whether or not he sees them getting back together one day.

“No, we’re not back together,” the 18-year-old confirmed to Entertainment Tonight. “Just like I said with Chase [Hudson], I’ve forgiven her for it. I wasn’t dating her, so it wasn’t my choice what she goes and does. Like, that’s totally up to her. It’s totally fine.”

For those who missed it, on July 7 Chase took to Twitter and claimed that he kissed Nessa while they were both single, which started some major drama within the TikTok community.

He continued, “I was just still in that fresh [breakup] stage so I was probably a little bit jealous. I definitely was jealous but, yeah, we’re friends, and we hang out, so that’s awesome.”

As fans know, the exes revealed that they had split on June 18 in an emotional YouTube video. At the time, the influencers explained that they needed to “mature” and “grow as people” before being in such a serious relationship. He echoed a similar statement when talking to ET.

“We were in a very serious relationship but I don’t think that either of us were in the right mindset. Like, I was very, very busy with work all the time … and she was starting a bunch of new projects,” Josh explained. “It got really like, I guess, mentally stressful and stuff like that. So we were like, why don’t we both go our separate ways for a little bit, grow up and then take it from there?”

Of course, he addressed the question on everyone’s mind — will they ever get back together?

“I’m not gonna say, like, a no or yes. I think that right now we’re just friends. That’s kind of how we’re doing it,” the influencer said. “I think that I’m going to stick to just being single for right now, but if there’s ever a person that I have a connection with, I will definitely try to date them.”

He added, “I hope that whatever happens, it’s going to be the best for me and the person involved.”

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