It’s no secret that since their rise to fame, TikTok squads the Hype House and Sway House have definitely been involved in their fair share of drama. From diss tracks to cheating rumors to a face-to-face confrontation, the social media stars in both houses have found themselves embroiled in some pretty serious feuds over the past few months, and we broke it all down for you.

Most recently, just weeks after it seemed like everything was finally all good between the two houses, a new wave of shade was thrown on social media by some of the members. So, what’s the tea?! Why are they fighting? Well guys, J-14 has got you covered. We went ahead and made a complete recap of all the drama between the Sway and Hype House members.

Did any of their previous feuds lead to this current fight? Who’s involved and why? Will the two houses ever join forces? If these are all questions you need answers to, scroll through our gallery for a complete guide to all the drama between TikTok’s Sway and Hype House.

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