We're completely hooked on the thrilling go90's series, t@gged. The show, now wrapping up its second season, tells the story of a group of high school students who are put in danger by an anonymous social media user.

J-14 caught up with Timothy Granaderos, who stars in the TV show as Ash and also appears in the hit series 13 Reasons Why, to hear more about the season and his experience behind-the-scenes.

After talking to Timothy, it's clear that the cast of t@gged gets super into their respective roles. Filming one intense scene, Timothy was so caught up in the heat of the moment that he actually punched a wall!

The shot takes place in The Grotto, which isn't a super clean location. Timothy explains, "If you've seen what The Grotto looks like, you'd recognize that it is not the most sterile place in the world."

So when the punch broke skin and the cut on his hand wouldn't stop bleeding, Timothy freaked out. He shares exclusively with J-14, "I thought my hand was gonna fall off."

In an effort to minimize the damage and with the help of tons of people on set, Timothy found a clinic and got a tetanus shot. Though the situation was a total mess, Timothy's hand is now fine! He shares, "Long story short…I still have both my hands!" We're relieved to hear it, Timothy!

With the second season coming to a close, Timothy hopes his fans take away a couple of things from the series. As a thriller filled with action and betrayal, Timothy learned to "follow your gut, but trust no one." The show, which includes a complex plot line between Brandon and his father, also teaches that there is always more to a person than appearances. Timothy advises, "Don't be too quick to judge someone. You never know what they have going at home or in life."

Starring in the show has also influenced the way Timothy uses social media. After his experience with t@gged, Timothy puts a lot more thought into his online presence. He explains, "social media is basically a character in this show, so it’s definitely made me more aware of what I post. I always think, 'What would my Mom think about this post?'"

Timothy hinted that we can expect a lot from the final episode. He spills, "My favorite episode of the season to film was definitely the finale! The stakes are insanely high and you'll see why…"

Reporting credit: Kristine Hope Kowalski

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