We’re totally back. Prime Video announced they’re adapting beloved animated series Totally Spies! — which comedy legend Will Ferrell will be producing. Following the news, fans have a lot of ideas on who should play who of the iconic female trio — so J-14 decided to make our own. Keep reading for our fancast of Totally Spies!

The upcoming adaptation will chronicle the adventures of inseparable pals Clover, Alex and Sam as they balance global espionage with the trials and tribulations of freshman year at college.

Since news of the live-action show was announced on June 17, 2024, not many details have been shared regarding the project, and no writers or cast members have been confirmed yet.

Created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel, the original Totally Spies! has captivated audiences with nearly 200 episodes since its 2001 debut. The series has also inspired a prequel film, Totally Spies! The Movie, and a spinoff titled The Amazing Spiez! Recently, its seventh season debuted in France and is slated to air on Cartoon Network in the U.S. later this year. Fans can currently stream Totally Spies! on Amazon’s Prime Video.

Executive producing the project alongside Will Ferrell are Jessica Elbaum and Alix Taylor, with Banijay Kids & Family CEO Benoît Di Sabatino executive producing for the studio.

Totally Spies! is a huge success for Banijay Kids & Family, having been translated in 60 languages and sold to more than 220 territories,” Di Sabatino said in a statement. “With a social media base of 3 million, the series continues to thrive in its animation form with the recently launched 7th season. Rola Bauer approached me for a live-action adaptation, and we were thrilled to partner with Amazon MGM Studios. With her, Ludovic Attal, and Punit Matoo’s support, we are honored to join such a stronghold of female-focused producers in Gloria Sanchez Productions to produce for Prime Video.”

Yada, yada, producer this and producer that. We know you’re really curious about how our fancast for the beloved animated series and who we think should play Clover, Alex and Sam. Well, wait no further!

Scroll through our gallery below to uncover J-14‘s fancast of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Totally Spies!

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