Kylie Jenner’s new boy toy Travis Scott was arrested over the weekend for inciting a riot in Rogers, Arkansas at his concert.

Apparently, the rapper was hauled away shortly after he left the stage. He was charged with inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of a minor, and disorderly conduct, according to law enforcement in the area. TMZ is reporting that he was released around 11:30 p.m. without bail and will have to make his way back to Arkansas for a court date.

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The Rogers, Arkansas police also issued a statement saying that Travis was encouraging the people at the show to rush the stage. He made it seem like it was okay to completely disregard security and safety measures that the venue had in place to make sure no one was hurt at the performance. However, because of Travis’ actions and getting the fans riled up, several people were injured including a security guard and a police officer.

A source told TMZ that this whole thing was basically taken out of context. The source revealed that Travis wasn’t really trying to put anyone in danger. He had simply seen an open area in the general admission section and invited those who were seated to come up to get a closer view and a better concert experience.

We’re not totally sure if we buy that.

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This isn’t the first time Travis has been arrested for something like this. A few years ago, the same thing happened while he was performing in Chicago at the music festival, Lollapalooza. Not only that, but he also told fans that it was okay to jump down from the balcony at a concert in New York City recently.

So, we’re starting to see a pattern here.

To be honest, he probably isn’t really thinking about his fans and their well-being in the moment of it all. Travis most likely just wants them to have the best experience possible and sometimes getting as a close to your favorite celebrity is really freaking fun — but with safety precautions in mind while doing so.

One thing is for sure, Travis should probably slow his roll when it comes to stuff like this in the future. Bigger trouble could lie ahead if someone actually gets hurt over it.

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