Twitter has again provided the goods when it comes all things ridiculous/hilarious.

This time around, it comes in the form of Twitter user @alinamarie__ aka ‘ham nails’ who had Twitter LOL-ing when she decided do show off her fab new mani… that were matched to the color of ham.

A few weeks later, she kept her ~aesthetic~ going, but with bacon bits — and it wasn't long before everyone else got involved.

Check out some of our faves!

The ham nails that started it all…

She soon followed it up by matching her ~fresh~ sets to bacon bits.

Since then, others have jumped on the hilar trend, with one girl’s fierce orange claws making a perf match for a pair of scissors.

And another’s pairing flawlessly with a garbage bag.

Pink nails were a common theme.

matching nails 1

matching nails 3

This one looks extra ~sweet~.

There were a lot of people who happen to match their claws with drinks, for some reason.

Someone even showed off theirs with Pam.

~Dat aesthetic~.

It wasn't long before things got kinda weird.

OK, really weird.

Even Reebok got involved!

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