Love You Long Time: Beloved TV and Movie Couples Reuniting Will Warm Your Heart Right Up

When you're a fan of certain ship on a television show or movie, there truly is nothing cuter than seeing the actors who brought these fictional love stories to life together again. Whether they happen to run into each other off-screen at an event, regularly hang out, or reunite on-screen working together in another project, it still sends fans into a frenzy when these beloved couples together again. Take Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley, the former The Vampire Diaries co-stars who brought us the epic love that was Elena and Stefan.

(Photo Credit: The CW)

For four season, TVD fans got to see the Stelena love story play out before they broke up and Elena actually ended up with Stefan's brother, Damon. Stefan and Elena remained friends though and just recently, Nina and Paul ran into each other while both out and about in New York City. "NYC when it’s snowing is full of serendipitous run ins and magical reunions. Like this one. #TVDForever #NYCNOW," Nina wrote in the caption of the precious selfie she treated us to.

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

How happy do these longtime buds look to be together again? Seriously, too cute. And well, we just had to take a full-on trip down memory lane to relive more epic run-ins like this. You're welcome.

Check out pics of your fave fictional TV and movie couples who have reunited and prepare to be hit with all the feels.