Tyler Oakley infuriated One Direction fans after dissing Liam Payne! When the YouTube star was asked why he no longer follows the 1D singer on Twitter, he said it's because he wants to keep his newsfeed "flaw-free."


It all started when the web celeb tweeted at Niall Horan about how much he loved Louis Tomlinson's voice in "No Control," which was recently added to the band's set list.

tyler oakley niall horan no control tweet

So when a fan pointed out that Tyler doesn't follow Liam (but Liam follows him), he sassily responded that he wanted to keep his newsfeed free of imperfections.

This doesn't come as a total surprise. Tyler hasn't been a fan of Liam ever since the singer tweeted out his support for Duck Dynasty, after some controversy involving Willie Robertson's homophobic comments.

He basically said that he didn't even want to interact with Payno anymore.

While we totally respect Tyler's right not to follow Liam, we definitely don't think that he's a "flaw." Directioners have been trending #LiamDefenseSquad on Twitter, showing how much they care about the pop star.

We have to admit, the singer is a total bundle of joy. Following him on Twitter isn't necessarily a bad thing! And Liam has said that he is mostly just a fan of the show, and doesn't necessarily agree with all the things that the Duck Dynasty family has said.

What do you think about Tyler's diss? Was it inappropriate? Let us know in the comments!

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