In his most recent YouTube video, Tyler Oakley gave an impassioned speech to influencers who are continuing to party amid the current coronavirus pandemic. The 31-year-old explained that he felt the need to speak out after getting on Instagram and watching people act “as if we live in a pandemic-less society.”

“I am tired, exhausted, frustrated and uninspired, and feeling stuck, and it just is like a culmination of a million things. And then I get on Instagram,” he told viewers in the seven-minute video. “Influencers going and having huge parties where they don’t seem to give a f**k and talking about they have to go on and live their lives, and they still have to go make money, so they can’t stop hanging out with people.”

As fans know, Tyler’s comments came weeks after Hype House cofounder Thomas Petrou said influencers won’t stop partying during the pandemic because, “We can’t put our entire lives on hold for a year and not make any money.” Jake Paul also spoke out about celebrating during coronavirus and told Insider that he’s “not gonna sit around and not live his life.”

Although he didn’t refer to any influencers by name in in his most recent video, previously, back in July, Tyler took to Twitter and called out James Charles, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun and Tana Mongeau after they attended a party to celebrate Larri Merritt‘s — otherwise known as Larray — birthday bash. James, Charli, Dixie and Larri have since apologized.

As for why he feels the need to speak out, the YouTuber explained during his video, “When I start seeing influencers using their platform to normalize the behavior of acting like there’s no pandemic — that masks aren’t necessary, that social distancing is not necessary — that is beyond the scope of YouTube drama. That is something that is impacting the entire world. There’s one thing to go and do what you want and not social distance and mask, that’s already morally a little bit, like, what are you up to? But then, how dumb do you have to be to post it on your Instagram [Stories] and act like this is appropriate behavior? I have to f**king say something, and I feel like I’m screaming into the void right now ’cause it’s like nobody else is calling these idiots out for their bullsh**t.”

He continued, “Can we all just stop giving platforms to people who do not rise to the challenge of using their platform for good?”

Before concluding his message, Tyler suggested the best way to move forward from this, and also thanked people who have been following the proper protocols amid coronavirus.

“We all have to figure out what is the best route for us and for the people around us, but we can all do our part to try our best to be responsible, to wear a mask, to socially distance, to limit our interaction with strangers,” he said. “For the people that are watching that actually have been doing these things for the last five months, thank you.”

Tyler concluded, “It’s not too late to start being better, because that’s the only solution at this point.”

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