Tyler Posey wrote a new breakup song about his ex-fiancée Seana Gorlick and he didn't have very nice things to say. The Teen Wolf star, who usually plays the bass guitar in his band Lost in Kostco, has temporarily gone solo and has a lot to get off his chest. In a recent YouTube video he sings, "She ruined everything for me.
Left a bad taste, it’s still hard to breathe."

Though Tyler's a bit bitter in the song, he made it seem like he'd be willing to get back together. In the chorus of the track he says, "You can help me out if you want to stick around. I know I’m not the best catch in town, but I promise I won’t bring you down." Poor Tyler!

Unfortunately, he's not the only artist who has had his heart broken and is looking for revenge. Click through to see more mean breakup songs your fave stars wrote, then let us know which one you think is the most shocking in the comments below.

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