The pack is back! Tyler Posey and the original Teen Wolf cast reunited for the forthcoming Teen Wolf: The Movie premiere in Los Angeles, on Wednesday, January 18. The stars gushed to J-14 exclusively about what it was like returning to Beacon Hills five years after the original show came to an end in 2017, revealing that it was “a dream come true” to reprise their roles.

“The dude is 15 years older, he’s moved away from Beacon Hills to get away from the craziness and put down his leadership role. I think that’s something we all do as adults, we kind of put the past away, take a step away from it, reminisce on it. Just recover from what the f–k happened. So, I had to bring that to Scott,” Tyler, 31, for one, told J-14 on the red carpet about his character, Scott McCall. “I brought all of my baggage with me — the last five years have been f–king nuts, not even including COVID — and I brought that with me to Scott. As you get older, as an adult you sort of level out. You get a little more comfortable with yourself, but you have a lot more baggage.”

Being an adult himself, the MTV star was able to be “composed” with the idea that Scott “can break at any moment.” Overall, he was “super blown away” by how it all turned out.

“I knew what I was doing when we were filming, I was watching the performance and I was really proud,” the actor said. “I did it justice. F–king awesome.”

The original show aired on MTV for six seasons from 2011 to 2017. Nearly everyone from the original cast retuned to the franchise apart from Dylan O’Brien as Stiles. However, new characters were introduced to the film — Vince Mattis as Eli Hale and Amy Workman as Hikari.

“It was a little intimidating, but so exciting,” Amy, for one, told J-14 about joining the cast. “I feel like what’s really fun about coming into a franchise like this is that I really got to create my character from the ground up and knowing the world already, and knowing the other characters already it was a really fun opportunity for me to figure out how I fit.”

Vince, 20, for his part, said it was originally very “nerve-wracking” for him to take on the role of Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) son. However, he got some major pointers from the original stars who told him “enjoy” every moment.

Scroll through our gallery to read the cast’s quotes about returning to the franchise. 

Reporting by Nate Grant

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