He loves tattoos! Tyler Posey has no problem getting tatted or showing his fresh ink designs to fans.

While appearing on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014, the actor admitted he didn’t know how many tattoos he had racked up. At the time, Tyler’s guess was somewhere around 16. Since then, he’s only gotten more.

“I’ve been into tattoos since I was, literally, 10 years old, 12 years old,” the Teen Wolf star told Teen Vogue in July 2017. “I used to draw small-scale versions of my body on a piece of paper and just cover myself in tattoos — colorful, black and gray, whatever.”

The first one he ever got was a small design on his elbow. Then, the actor went bigger with the opening note to a Blink-182 song on his left arm. In a July 2021 interview with NME, Tyler explained that they are his “favorite band ever.” While starring as Scott McCall on the MTV series, Tyler was forced to hide his tattoos. But when he got two black bands inked onto his arm, they were written into the show. Once he realized that he couldn’t get too many tattoos on his arms because of the show, the singer moved to his leg.

During his Teen Vogue tattoo breakdown, Tyler said the zombie hand on the back of his leg was his “most painful tattoo yet, right on the back of the calf.” He explained that because there’s no visible skin and it’s all colored in, that particular ink design was “very, very, very painful.”

Once he ran out of room on his legs, Tyler “started going to my arms.”

“I try to experiment and differentiate with a bunch of different artists,” the actor shared. “Even though they’re the same genre, they all have their own styles within that genre. The have to cover them on my show, which takes quite a bit of time. Sometimes, I have to shave my arms. They cover them with all this makeup and my whole body is covered in makeup. So, it really works and looks like I have no tattoos. It’s kind of a process, but it’s worth it. I love tattoos, it’s a great culture. I love it, do your research before you get tattoos, and hell yeah.”

Since the time of his breakdown, Tyler has also been tatted across his chest with an eagle and has moved on to his back.

Scroll through our gallery for a look at Tyler’s tattoos. 

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