Did you know that the That ’90s Show cast didn’t know what was going to happen prior to filming each episode in season 2? That’s right, the Netflix cast was just as in the dark as the viewers — and also had a lot of off-the-mark predictions. We spoke to the cast at the show’s ‘90s Night premiere at Los Angeles’ Button Mash on Tuesday, June 25, where they revealed fun facts from the second season! 

“Every Friday … we would speculate because we would get the scripts on Friday night,” Callie Haverda, who plays Leia Forman on the show, told J-14. “And so we would always be like, ‘OK, what’s gonna happen?’”

She also had a lot of “wild” ideas on where the show would go after season 2 part 1’s finale.

“I was thinking like, after the crash, like, Leia’s is going to be sent home,” she began. “Like, she’s gonna be sent home and then she’s going to have to find a way to get back.”

Callie also shared her prediction that her character might have a “runaway” moment, prompting Nate and Gwen to search for her.

“We had some crazy speculations, none of them were ever accurate,” she added. “I think the scripts are way better than like what we were predicting, but, you know, it’s fun to speculate.”

As for Sam Morelos, who plays Nikki on the show, she also had some off-target predictions for seasons 1 and 2!

“Episode 10, the season finale of season 1, I was reading this and like, ‘They’re breaking up. Point blank period,’” Sam told J-14 of the first season. “I think that’s really the only prediction that was accurate because everything else, the writers are so creative and there’s a lot of twists and turns that I did not expect. Like Nikki has a pregnancy scare and when I got that script, my jaw was on the floor. I’m reading it like … It’s insane.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover all of the fun facts from That ’90s Show season 2.

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