Ever since it premiered back in January 2017, fans have been seriously obsessed with Riverdale. Now, the show premiered its fifth season, and viewers are still hooked on every twist, turn and cliffhanger that the show serves up every week. But, get this — aside from the seriously shocking storylines throughout the show, there’s actually a ton of hidden behind-the-scenes facts that we bet you don’t know about the series.

Lili [Reinhart] is also incredibly hilarious. Lili’s the person who can make me do something that no one else could make me do,” Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller, told Us Weekly in August 2021 when spilling set secrets. “She could be, like, ‘Hey, we’re going to dance to this Britney Spears video right now.’ And I’m, like, ‘Oh, I’m in. Why would I ever not do that?’”

As for KJ Apa, the actor — otherwise known as Archie Andrews — is a major snacker when the cameras aren’t rolling!

“KJ is the snack king. The crafty kings. KJ and Charles [Melton] are the crafty kings,” Casey gushed. “Also, two of the most funny people I have encountered in my life.”

What about Cole Sprouse, who fans know as Jughead? Not surprising by nay means, but Casey revealed that the former Disney Channel star is the funniest guy on set!

“He’s very funny. I think there’s definitely a fun joke mentality happening throughout the backstage, behind-the-scenes [area],” the actor added. “He will definitely make you laugh if you’re feeling down.”

Yep, other than all the secrets kept by Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, the showrunners actually have a few up their sleeves as well. But not to worry, guys, because if you’re looking for some juicy, unknown facts about the teen drama, look no further! J-14 did a major investigation and uncovered some pretty epic secrets from the show’s set. From broken hands to not-so-romantic kisses, and everything in between, scroll through our gallery uncover some socking behind-the-scenes secrets about Riverdale.

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